We Want Perfect Skin & We Want it NOW

We Want Perfect Skin & We Want it NOW

Of course, we want perfect skin and we want it now - it really should be one snap away.

But if nothing else, getting that perfect, pore-free, glass skin is a strong reminder, that miracles don’t happen overnight.

Ohhh yes, skincare requires commitment and LOTS of patience.

Imagine using a product and right as it begins to work, we switch – Welp! Money, time and bathroom mirror sessions all down the drain. Unfortunately, this is usually the case , too often we skip on good products because we didn’t give them enough time to work.

FACT: Skin regenerates every 28 days, that's the typical length of skin cells turnover cycle. So it's generally recommended that new products & routines are given a minimum of 28 days before any sort of results.

Some products may deliver quicker results and others, well, not so quick. This usually depends on the purpose of the product.

Cleansing, exfoliating, masking & moisturizing usually yield quick and even immediate results. These are surface workers. Effective cleansers (like our Oil Cleansers) and moisturizers (helllooo Perfecting Glow Serum) are remedies formulated to do what they are intended to do almost as quick as immediately.

But products that address deeper skin issues such as hyper pigmentation, scars/texture, acne and wrinkles usually require that extra patience and consistency. These issues are subdermal  and demand the active ingredients in products to penetrate deeper into skin and work to correct issues from the root. For these, the 28 day wait game must be in full effect.

Keep in mind, that 28-day mark doesn’t guarantee that miracle but a ‘lil’ something (not necessarily a ‘big’ something) should be different. Most products need even more time to make changes but there should be some sort of improvement by then.

When to quit using products?

It is important to differentiate between patience and knowing when to throw in the towel (or bottle & jar in this case). If a product causes irritation, severe burning or gives a bad reaction then it’s an obvious no-go. Doesn’t mean it’s no good, just no good for you.

Day 28, if there is absolutely no improvement you may give the product an extra 2 weeks before calling it quits. Be sure to consider all contributing factors - time of month, season, other products, eating habits, sleeping habits, stress level etc.

Note that some products have purging effects that cause skin to worsen before it gets better. Purging should last no longer than 2-3 weeks before improvement.

Don’t product hop too quickly, exercise patience, give products their fair chance to work and for you to fall in love with them (or not) – but when using Gem Beauty its most likely love and then more love by day 28.

Happy Skincare!

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