About Us

Explore healthy skin you can feel good about.

Gem Beauty Collection
is a skincare and wellness brand that bring some of nature’s healing resources straight to your skin. We believe in the power of natural remedies and boast in our purely-natural, plant-based, organic products. We approach skincare holistically and formulate using organic ingredients packed with essential minerals and vitamins that heals, regenerates, renews and promotes optimal wellness & skin health.

Healthy skin is the basis for beautiful skin.  

With extensive and thorough research and testing, we carefully handcraft and pour in small batches.

We create high-vibration wellness gems to indulge the goddess within and encourage self-care. 

We promote this culture of self-care as we believe self-care is the greatest embodiment of self-love. Our hope is that you, our fellow GEM Beauties embrace your beauty and glow wholeheartedly, finding and giving love to your truest & highest self... unapologetically & unconditionally. 

Our value is in customer health, product effectiveness, brand and product transparency, customer safety and self-upliftment through beauty & self-care.

We are here to help you take care of you, for you. Do things that make you feel good... mind, skin, body & soul. 

Our Promise  - Too often we are expected to compromise our health for the sake of beauty. Our promise is to deliver non-toxic, natural skincare that work to compliment beauty and optimize skin health without harmful chemicals and all the unnecessary nasties. 

We offer wholesale prices to distributors with an order quantity of 50 or more products. Complete the form on our contact us page to get started,be are to include your contact information.
Where to Purchase 
All products are available on our website. We ship internationally from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Products are also available in the following stores & salons:
•Lady Shelly Beauty Salon - 5-7 Ardenne Rd. Kgn 10. Jamaica
Private Label
We can help you set-up your start your own beauty or lash business, hassle-free with little to no minimums. We can handle the entire process (from logo development, product sourcing to website launch) or we can simply fill in where you need help. Contact us to get started. 
Note: Private Label is only available for beauty items NOT skincare products.