Tips for the Smoothest, Softest Shave

Tips for the Smoothest, Softest Shave


Tired of being left with an irritating shaving rash and dry skin after shaving?

Try our 2 step shave routine that gives the smoothest, closest shave ever, without any irritations. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with how unbelievably smooth your skin feels after. 

Step 1: Exfoliate with the Brightening Body Polish 

Dead skin cells clog your hair follicles and trap hair under the skin, which results in ingrown hairs. Exfoliating before shaving removes this dead skin buildup, ensuring the hair follicle is in the best condition for hair removal and allows you to shave the hair as near to the root as possible, causing less irritation.

Step 2:

Our exotic Shave oil blend acts as a protective lather between the blade and the skin, preventing irritation and razor burn. It not only gives skin the ultimate protection but also acts an intense moisturizer that also soothes & treats skin for the smoothest, closest shave ever! 

Use pre, post and in-between shaves for silky-smooth and soft skin, free from irritations. Made with nourishing oils that softens skin and provides ultimate skin protection while promoting natural skin healing.

Use as needed, anywhere on your body. Face & body 

That's it - exfoliate then shave. Simple, effective and of course smooooth:)




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