Let's Talk Pores!

Let's Talk Pores!

“Oh I just love how large and juicy my pores are!” ~ said no one ever. 

Let’s admit it - we all want porcelain, glass skin. After all, poreless skin is the ultimate goal for flawless skin...right?

Well unfortunately, poreless skin is a (beautiful) myth. 

Real skin has pores and in fact, poreless skin is dead skin. So the goal is not to have poreless skin but rather to focus on having healthy, refined pores.

Pores are the small openings in our skin. They give our skin life and allow it to breathe and excrete all the mess within.

Fun Fact: Pore size is determined by DNA...And with that comes the ugly truth - there are no permanent fixes that actually ‘shrink’ or close pores. It’s the case where you have to work with what you got. But! There is good news, we can refine them somewhat by keeping them clean, which essentially improves their overall appearance.

Other than genes, lets explore some more contributing factors to pore size.

Age – As we age, our skin elasticity decreases which cause pores to slightly expand over time, becoming more visible and appear larger.

As if you needed another reason to amp-up your anti-aging skincare routine; pore refinement should be among the top of the list. Use skincare products that help to boost collagen and slow down the rate of skin elasticity decline.

Our Clarifying Face Mask & Polish is made with Matcha Green Tea Extract which is an anti-aging powerhouse rich in anti-oxidants. It also made with Bentonite Clay which is known for it’s powerful vacuuming abilities. Weekly use of the mask definitely sucks up all the dirt & oils out of those pores and helps prevent skin aging. It also gently rids skin of dead skin, preventing pore blockage and helping to mask pore visibility. The Clarifying Mask is specifically targeted to help refine pores.

Our Brightening Face Mask & Polish is also a great choice for keeping pores healthy. It is extremely rich in vitamin C, which promotes collagen and helps maintain skin elasticity, also promoting pore refinement. 

Over Production of Oil - Damned if there's none, damned if there’s too much. As with most things in life. The skin’s oil levels must be balanced. Influencing variants such as hotter months, hormonal periods, sweat sessions, skincare products, dry skin type, oily skin type, all lead to the overproduction of oils. Over production of oils further leads to clogged and… you guessed it, hugely visible pores. (Eww)

Our Perfecting Glow Serum is an excellent moisturizer that helps to maintain and balance oil production for all skin types. No dryness – no large pores. No oiliness – no large pores. The multi-functional serum is also rich in anti-oxidants which protects the skin and is invaluably anti-aging. Use daily, morning and nights.

To further ensure a balance in oil production use any of our Purifying Oil Cleansers daily. They go deep to unplug, unclog and remove pore build-up without compromising oil levels. Clean skin is essential - because we know that clean pores are refined pores.

And finally, Comedogenic Products - Avoid like the plague! Stay clear of comedogenic products - both in makeup and skincare items. These clog pores and definitely contribute to enlarged, congested pores. 

SO! Whereas are poreless skin is a no-go, clean, refined pores are not too far out your reach. Use our recommended products to yield these excellent pore refinement benefits…Thank us later!


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