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Make Face Oils Your New BFF!

If you're not already using an oil serum then your skincare routine needs a serious upgrade.Your skin needs oil! OIL IS YOUR FRIEND maybe even your bff - regardless of your skin type.

Oil serums nourish and moisturize skin like no other and gives all skin types- Yep, you read that right - ALL SKIN TYPES (even oily & acne-prone skin) an obvious boost in hydration.

Here's Why -

Oils are packed with vitamins in extremely high concentrations and are much more effective at moisturizing and nourshing skin than lotions and creams. In fact, lack of oil is a huge contributing factor to many skin issues.

The top layer of skin is actually made with oils that are constantly drained & need to be replenished to maintain moisture balance. When this balance is disrupted skin reacts through overcompensation, resulting in either excessive dryness or oiliness.

Ok! But hold on... don't go running to your kitchen cabinet to grab the Coconut or Olive Oil. HUGE NO NO!

Not all oils are created equal and not all oils are safe for use on face. Avoid petroleum, mineral oils & comedogenic oils. The oh so popular Coconut & Olive Oils are highly comedogenic and can clog pores and make acne and congestion worse. 

These oils are excellent moisturizers for body care but we do not recommend using them on your face. 

With that said... Our Perfecting Glow Serum is THE OIL! It’s an all in one moisturizer packed with omega 3, vitamin E, A, C and so much more nutrients that drastically improve skin health.

The skin-friendly oil blend includes Rosehip Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Pomegranate Oil. With just once week of use, the difference is obvious! Skin looks more plump, vibrant and healthy.

It's non-greasy and works well with all skin types to nourish and moisturize. The Perfecting Glow Serum is multi-functional and not only nourishes but also helps keep skin blemish-free... with an exotic blend of Lavender & Frankincense, omggg it smells amazinggg. Never had a customer who didnt fall in love!

Now, if you're struggling with Acne then listen! You NEED to rescue your skin with our Acne Control Face Serum. Did we say need? YES! The plant based healing formula moisturizes, treats and repairs problem skin. Made with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tamanu  & Tea Tree Oil, its a unique plant-based oil blend that works wonders to tranform skin and eliminate acne blemishes & scars. A highly recommened acne treatment that doesnt cause any drying, peeling or irritation.

What about dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

We got an oil for that too boo! The Brightening Face Serum combats skin discoloration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. No bleaching, no irritation, just a lil evening out and complexion balancing. Of course it works well with all skin types and nourishes skin while brightening. 

We got your man too hun! Our Beard & Face Oil  is an all in one moisturizer that keeps men's skin and beards looking their finest. 

Ok so you're ready to try a face oil....But you already use a face cream.

Well, you can switch out your standard cream moisturizer for face oils - or you can actually use them together. The oil serums are however more potent and when used with other mositurizers, its recommened that you apply it last.

Sooo we said all that to say...Face Oils Are It! Get yourself a bottle, or two, or three. Either way, we definitely recommend adding face oil serums  to your skincare routine for maximum nourishment and optimal skin health.

Thank us later;)

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