Getting Too Touchy - Hands Off!

Getting Too Touchy - Hands Off!

Hands-off your face!

Sure, touching your face doesn’t seem like a huge deal and most times we don’t even realize we are doing it. Simply leaning on or resting our face in our hands, wiping things off our face, touching our face as a thinking gesture or just straight up picking pimples directly affects our skin health.

Constantly touching our face is a big NO-NO. Not only for obvious reasons like transferring viruses, but also because touching our face is usually the culprit to worsening breakouts. This is especially true for oily skin.

Your hands aren’t always the cleanest and touching your face transfers bacteria and germs that build-up and lead to clogged pores. Clogged pores are the main ingredient for skin disaster aka congestion aka pimples & blackheads.

Even ‘clean’ hands sometimes cause problems. Ok, you’ve just washed your hands and moisturized with your favorite hand lotion, so your hands are clean right? No.

These usually contain chemicals and irritants that don’t belong on our face and will most likely do more harm than good. So, in this case and most, the hands-off approach is usually best.


But what about pimple – popping? Those pesky pimples can be annoying and so tempting to pick. As soon as they pop up, we just want to pick and get rid of them. But rupturing the skin to pop a pimple and pick at a blemish scab, creates more inflammation and can lead to scars. Squeezing pimples can also push bacteria further into the skin which leads to more skin drama, no thanks.

If you must pop, pop clean! ALWAYS use clean hands free from irritants – again, lotioned hands are not clean hands and be sure to take proper care of the open skin after squeezing. Try icing the area and use only anti-bacterial treatments on open skin.

Also, it’s a good idea (and somewhat obvious) to clean hands before washing face, applying moisturizers, skincare products and makeup. 

And because we can’t always keep our hands off our faces be sure to cleanse daily, especially before bed to remove all the grime our hands helped to introduce to our faces.

Our Oil Cleansers will get the job done, leaving your pores clear, clean and grime free.

So it's no hands or clean hands only if we must and... cleanse daily either way!

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