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Mood Rollers

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Inhale Good Vibes!
Did you know that our sense of smell is directly wired to the brain’s center of emotions? Yes! Our therapeutic mood oils embrace the undeniable benefits of aromatherapy to help kick bad moods and promote mental wellness in convenient on-the-go rollers, safe for the whole family.

Bliss Oil

Mood enhancing oil blend that promotes happiness and encourages positive feelings.


  • Boost moods
  • Promotes calmness and balance 
  • Promotes feelings of happiness
  • Promotes feelings of self-acceptance, self-love and contentment
  • Helps maintain a clean aura  
  • Inspires positive feelings
  • Helps reduce depression
  • Promotes spiritual growth
  • Opens and balances heart chakra
  • Use as a natural fragrance oil

Key  Ingredients:

  • Rose EO Blend
  • Lavender EO
  • Ylang Ylang EO

Sleep Oil

Soothing oil blend that promotes blissful rest. Excellent choice to create a relaxing atmosphere and set the tone for bedtime.


  • Promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Helps induce sleep
  • Creates peaceful and calm atmosphere
  • Promotes positive feelings
  • Reduces insomnia & improves sleep quality

Key Ingredients

  • Roman Chamomile EO
  • Lavender EO

Stress Oil

Uplifting oil blend for natural stress relief. Formulated to help release tension, headaches and stress.


  • Natural stress & tension relief
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Calms mind & inspires positive feelings
  • Helps relieve anxiety
  • Helps reduce feelings of depression
  • Provides relief to other localized aches & pains

    Key Ingredients:

    • Hemp Oil
    • Lavender EO
    • Peppermint EO
    • Lemongrass EO

    Clarity Oil

    Formulated to increase mental awareness. Great for anyone who needs help with engaging brain power.


    • Promotes mental clarity
    • Reduces mental exhaustion
    • Amplifies decision-making and creativity
    • Improves attention, mental performance and focus
    • Promotes clear meditation

    Key Ingredients:

    • Lemon EO
    • Peppermint EO
    • Frankinscense EO

    Love Oil

    Naturally embrace and amplify your sexual energy with this romantic oil blend that encourages feelings of love.


    • Promotes feelings of love
    • Arouses romantic tendencies
    • Boosts sexual confidence
    • Boosts sexual awareness
    • Promotes energy & reduces burnout

    Key Ingredients:

    • Rose Oil Blend
    • Ylang Ylang EO
    • Ginger Extract

    Breathe Oil

    Invigorating oil blend that promotes easy breathing and helps clear respiratory airways.


    • Promotes easy breathing
    • Helps clear respiratory airways
    • Provides relief from congestion
    • Helps to clear sinuses

      Key Ingredients:

      • Eucalyptus EO
      • Tea Tree EO
      • Peppermint EO


      Skin Loving Pros for All Mood Rollers:

      • All Natural Ingredients
      • Vegan
      • Paraben-Free
      • Chemical-Free
      • Sulfate-Free
      • Cruelty-Free
      • Safe for the whole family

      Caution: For external use only. Conduct patch test for allergies. Discontinue use if product irritates skin.

      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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